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Are we achieving our targets?

Green – 7; Amber – 0; Red – 3; M – 10

Are we getting better?


Improved performance


Stayed the same


Requires improvement


Further information is needed or the latest measure is unavailable

2019/20 Q4

2019/20 Q3

  • The proportion of alcohol using clients successfully completing treatment increased from 41.5% to 44.9% and was green against target. This performance put our new Substance Misuse provider in the top quartile nationally and was a contrast to the national trend for increasing numbers of people to refuse treatment.

2019/20 Q2

  • The proportion of adults who smoke worsened slightly at the second review. Caution should be taken with these figures as, due to the size of the sample and the resultant confidence intervals, this change suggested a fluctuation rather than a statistically significant change. However, given that smoking remains the most significant determinant of ill-health for local people this was considered as declining performance.
  • Physical activity as reported through the number of visitors to Brio leisure facilities continued to increase and remained better than target.
  • The number of people engaging with libraries showed a strong improvement in comparison to the first review of 2019/20 and compared to the same period last year. If this measure continues this trajectory, it is anticipated to exceed the target by over fifty percent.