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Are we achieving our targets?

Green – 5; Amber – 1; Red – 5; M – 2

Are we getting better?


Improved performance


Stayed the same


Requires improvement


Further information is needed or the latest measure is unavailable

2019/20 Q4

2019/20 Q3

  • No exception reports were required at third review.

2019/20 Q2

  • Performance on tackling litter and detritus, and grounds maintenance, both performed slightly under target with visual inspections finding 86% of areas inspected met clean streets standards against a target of 90%.
  • The amount of household waste being produced did not increase throughout the second review and remained green against target. Performance continued to improve with the proportion of waste diverted from landfill increasing, although overall levels of waste sent for reuse, recycling or composting fell slightly on the same period last year.