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Are we achieving our targets?

Green – 2; Amber – 1; Red – 1; M – 13

Are we getting better?


Improved performance


Stayed the same


Requires improvement


Further information is needed or the latest measure is unavailable

Analysis and issues

The Key Performance Indicator table above shows that two of the six measures are currently in-measurement. Performance in the annual survey of combined litter and detritus has declined from 92% in 2017-18 to 85% in 2018-19, a drop of 7%. This measure now reports as Red against the target of 90%. An action plan in Appendix Four details the measures in place to improve performance against this measure. The maintenance of household waste at appropriate levels has continued, and this measure reports as Green, at 425.16kgs compared to the target of 480kgs. This demonstrates improving performance compared to 2017-18, when 440kgs were produced per household.

There is positive performance to report relating to fly tipping, with 99% of the sites inspecting meeting the acceptable standard, against the target of 92% and prior performance of 97% in 2017-18. Performance is Amber, meaning it is within 5% of the target, in relation to the proportion of sites inspected meeting the acceptable standard of Grounds Maintenance, at 89.82% compared to the target of 90%, a decline from prior performance of 99.1% in 2017-18.

For these measures, to ensure appropriate coverage of the borough, and to mitigate concerns that only certain areas may be inspected, Streetscene use a Land Audit Management System Annual Inspection Matrix (LAMS Matrix for short). This ensures that each of the 46 Wards are inspected three times a year on a scheduled basis (each Ward is inspected once every 4 months), with 11 or 12 Wards throughout the borough being inspected each month. Within each ward, the aim is to carry out 20 inspections per occasion per ward based on land class. No area within the ward is scheduled to be inspected twice within same year to ensure widest spread across the wards. The inspections are carried out from within the commissioning team which is independent to the delivery team. Surveys have been carried out across Cheshire West and Chester to inspect standards of street cleansing and ground maintenance to inform the final accumulated results.


Analysis and issues

More than 90% of actions are on-track or have been delivered during 2018-19. 7% of actions have been re-phased. So far in 2018-19, examples of actions that are on-track or have been delivered include:

  • The application of the Community Assets Framework has continued, and a number of community assets will form part of existing Major Programmes, e.g. Ellesmere Port Town Centre, Enabling Lache, Winsford Town Centre and Northwich Town Centre. Remaining community assets in other areas and services will continue to be aligned to the framework and preferred options will be progressed. Wider discussions are planned regarding aligning the Community Asset programme with Property, Housing and Asset priorities.
  • Active work has continued throughout 2018-19 to promote the Council’s corporate social responsibility through support to volunteering activities in the borough, such as
    • Council staff have provided 306 volunteering hours across the borough.
    • A reward and recognition toolkit was produced with Cheshire West Voluntary Action to support and encourage volunteer leaders to thank their volunteers. The online document has been viewed over 1,000 times and feedback from groups is overwhelmingly positive.
    • Tempo Time Credits was launched. The scheme enables Time Credits to be earnt for time given to supporting community action. 49 groups and 300 members are participating in the scheme.
    • There is a Waste Reduction Volunteer project which utilizes approximately 60 volunteers to promote waste reduction messages around food and composting.
  • There is an ongoing programme to review services to ensure optimum levels of education, prevention and enforcement across all services, with insight used to inform annual plan for delivery of programmes. Policies and processes for all Streetscene functions are being developed or revised to meet the outcomes. This will include a strategy and action plan for the development increased awareness across the service area. Working across services, the Council will be reviewing the current enforcement action plan in relation to environmental crime.
  • In relation to the identification of energy projects for future investment in Cheshire West and Chester, a proposal to bring forward projects with Qwest has been approved to take forward into plan development and findings will be presented back at the start of May 2019.

Next Reporting Period

The following are examples of tasks and milestones that will be underway in 2019-2020:

  • Continued implementation of Air Quality Action Plans.
  • Ongoing review of the outcomes of redesign of Street care, grounds maintenance & Highways services.
  • Embedding the internal Streetcare programme, enabling frontline staff to report issues;
  • A continued borough wide programme of targeted enforcement activity.