Thriving communities

Vibrant and healthy communities with inclusive leisure, heritage and culture opportunities

Public Health Outcomes: Excess weight in adults


Improved performance

Local Measure for Excess Weight in Adults: The proportion of people engaging with weight management services who achieve at least a 5% weight loss


Improved performance

Public Health Outcomes: Smoking Prevalence in adults – current smokers


Improved performance

Number of people who engage with local libraries


Improved performance

Number of people who engage with museums


Improved performance

Cleanest, safest and most sustainable neighbourhoods in the country

Reduce levels of household waste – residual waste per household in Kgs (Ex NI 192) (three month lag on data)

465Kgs (2016/17 projection)

Requires improvement

Litter – 97% of borough litter free. Replaced with: Combined Litter & Detritus – Percentage of acceptable sites (Grade B or above)

95.5% (provisional)

Detritus – 91% of borough free of detritus. Replaced with: Fly-tipping – percentage of sites that are Grade A

99% (provisional)

Graffiti – Almost 100% free of graffiti. Replaced with: Graffiti – percentage sites of below Grade B

0% (provisional)

Fly Posting – Almost 100%. Replaced with: Grounds Maintenance – Percentage of sites of an acceptable standard (Grade B or above)

99% (provisional)

Fewer residents are worried about crime and anti-social behaviour: (How safe or unsafe do you feel when outside in your local area?) (Residents Survey results due June 2017)

Day – 93%, night – 61%

Improved performance

Borough wide CO2 emissions continue to decline (annual measure, data available June 2017, 2 year lag on latest data)

Results for 2015 available June 2017

Good quality and affordable housing that meets the needs of our diverse communities

Number of empty homes brought back into use (as at July 2015 there are 1,795 long term empty homes, empty 6 months or more).

150 (full year)

Improved performance

Number of new affordable homes delivered

457 (full year)

Improved performance

Number of households in temporary accommodation – 42


Improved performance

Number of households in temporary B&B accommodation – 19


Improved performance

Average length of stay in temporary accommodation (weeks) – 8.23


Improved performance

Average length of stay in temporary B&B accommodation (weeks) – 4.98


Improved performance

Number of homeless preventions

2,258 (full year)

Improved performance

Number of vulnerable residents able to remain in their own homes (through grant provision, DFGs)


Improved performance

Our resources are well managed and reflect the priorities of our residents

Increase staff engagement levels (annual measure, data available Q4)


Improved performance

Deliver a balanced revenue outturn position


Stayed the same

Delivery of savings proposals


Improved performance

Increased availability of services through digital technology

17% (projected)

Improved performance


Improved performance