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Cheshire West and Chester Council’s Performance Dashboard

Welcome to Performance West Cheshire. This website has been designed as an interactive Performance Dashboard for Cheshire West and Chester Council and is part of the Performance Management Framework 2016-20 (PDF, 109KB).

The purpose of this website is to report the performance of the Council. This will support regular measurement and monitoring against the delivery of the 2016-2020 Council Plan: Helping the Borough Thrive. This Plan contains ten priority outcomes that the Council will work towards over the next four years. Supporting the Council Plan there are ten individual outcome plans which sets out in detail the actions required to achieve the priority and how success will be measured. This interactive dashboard illustrates the progress that is being made against these plans.

The ten priorities are grouped under three themes of:

Performance 2019-20

Please note, the data throughout the rest of the website reflects the position at mid-year, 2019-20.

Council Plan

Council Plan 2016-2020

Helping the Borough Thrive

Outcome plans

Outcome plans

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Are we achieving our targets?

Green – 61; Amber – 16; Red – 46; M – 37

Are we getting better?


Improved performance


Stayed the same


Requires improvement


Further information is needed or the latest measure is unavailable

Are we completing the actions in our plans?

Given the focus of Council staff on responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, actions were not reported against at year end 2019-20.

Thriving residents

The Council is committed to making sure that all residents are empowered to thrive. This includes making sure that residents get the best start in life, that vulnerable adults and children are protected, and making sure that compassionate care and support is given to those who need it.

Thriving communities

The Council is committed to making the communities where residents live, work and spend their leisure time the best possible quality. This includes making sure that neighbourhoods are safe and sustainable, and that there is good quality housing available to residents. This also involves supporting local culture, heritage and leisure opportunities to promote vibrant and healthy communities. Finally, it is important to communities that Council resources are well managed and reflect their needs.

Thriving economy

The Council recognises the importance of a strong, diverse and vibrant local economy. This includes making sure that local businesses are provided with appropriate support and making sure that the borough is well connected and accessible. It is also important to make sure that local residents are provided with the support, education and skills to contribute and benefit from their local economic opportunities.